"I am very happy to hold a safe space for your healing & empowerment, what ever stage you are in your journey." Petra

1-2-1 SESSIONS are tailored to each client's individual specific needs with every treatment differing. Depending on where you are within your process a treatment from Petra would consist of a combination of techniques; Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Energy Release, Energy Clearing, Soul contract dissolving, past life clearing & Sound Healing. Using a combination of voice, drum, Shruti box, smudging, tuning forks, crystals & organic flower essences, handcrafted by Petra. Following a brief telephone conversation with Petra we recommend booking 3 consecutive sessions to support your process. Please note there will be charge of  50% for cancellation before 48 hours of your session. A full fee will be charged if you move or cancel your session with under 24hours notice .

In the past 18 years I have undergone deep initiation & identification of my spiritual lineage in Joshusa tree, California, Scotland, Madira, Northumbria, Avebury & here in Brighton. Having reincarnated 7 time in Turtle Island I identify with practices & philosophies of all 1st Nation peoples. Not only form North America but South America, Australia, Hawaii & Mongolia. I teach from this new paradigm rainbow tribe philosophy. I continue to expand my experience & knowledge with Brooke Medicine EagleSimon Heather & don Oscar Miro-Quesada.

SOUL RETRIEVAL (SRT)   Are you feeling lost? Not quite there? Confused & lethargic? Unable to gather your thoughts? Feeling stuck? Anxious? Depressed? These are all signs of Soul Loss. The Shamanic belief is that illness or dis-ease derives from Soul Loss & having your lost soul parts brought home to you will bring you healing. Have your soul sung home to you by Petra with the ancient indigenous technique Soul Retrieval.  60-90 minuets £70-£110

SOUND HEALING are based on Petra singing over your body to locate & relieve blockages or injury, singing a note or a sound that this blockage needs to dissipate or ease. C & G Biosonic tuning forks are also used in this session to clear & balance your energy field. Basic Sound Healing, Sa Re Ga Indian Scale, Musical Interval Healing, Musical Scale Healing, Charkra Balancing are typical treatments. A deeply relaxing experience in its self or it may be a positive session to aid the processing of emotions brought up in your Soul Retrieval sessions. 60 minuets £70

DISTANCE HEALING is as it says. Healing from a distance & a session is structured in 3 parts. Firstly a 10 minuet Skype conversation before the treatment.  The discussion will identify what work will benefit you & focus the type of session you will receive. After your conversation Petra will ring off & proceed with your treatment as though you were in the room with her. When Petra has completed the treatment she will give you 1 ring to indicate she has finished, allowing you time to rest & then to return her call when you feel you are ready to receive feedback on what happened during the session. Petra has treated clients with in the Uk, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, India & Thailand. This type of healing can be of great benefit to clients who cannot travel or feel more comfortable in their own home. 60 to 90 minuets. £70-£110

HEART SONG with in this session Petra will connect to your souls song & sing your name from her Heart to yours. This is a deeply opening, transporting & healing experience. Petra will record the session & send it to you as a MP3 via email for you to keep and listen as recently as you like. £60

INDIVIDUAL SOUND BATH are being bathed in the positive sound vibrations of Voice & Gong. Petra's work is always opened & closed in ceremony so you will be deeply held to relax into a profound healing state. 30 mins - £40 60 mins - £60

MOONTIME ITITIATION JOURNEY this journey is the blessing that you would have received on your 1st bleed of your Moontime from the entire village as well as your family. A process important to share with women of any age to ignite the deep joy of our womb space & the acknowledgement of our female power. The power to give life is profoundly ancient & its time to readdress this conversation. Charging us from our core to assist in moving into the more feminine energies of the Aquarian age. I see this as essential work for all. Important for men to witness also.

"The incredible thing about Petra is she has an incredible peace that encourages you to stop, to consider to think about yourself and where you are.  It's a peace very much rooted in being present, being here.  As a healer she engages with you from where you are. Rooted in reality and extremely honest about her own journey you really feel welcomed into your healing place and that's what's special about working with Petra. I'm enjoying this thing I can't explain as yet that is becoming in me since experiencing the Soul Cleansing and I am  really looking forward to continuing creative and healing journeys with her."         Barby Asante - Artist & Mother

Shamanic Sound Healing improves 

  • Loss of self

  • Sleep improvement

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Cancer

  • Learning acceleration


  • Stress Reduction

  • Injury improvement

  • Dementia

  • Stroke

  • Chakra balancing

  • Fertility

  • Deafness

  • Greif release

  • Addiction

  • Deep relaxation

  • Pain control

  • Dis -ease of any description

Here is an interesting article written by Caren Goldman on receiving a Soul  Retreival Treatment from Sandra Ingerman. Although my technique differs from Sandra Ingerman's method of practice the principles are the same. To call home your fractured self so you may be whole.