Well...that blew all the shit outta me..I'm gonna be so much easier to live with now !

Anonymous - American Millionairess

Stepping into the Sound Space was like entering another universe, one where time is stretched, there is space for all of you and all things are fundamentally good.  What a beautiful piece of music and atmosphere you created there.

Alice Holmberg - Fellow Royal Society of the Arts

It was very odd. I experienced what I thought was a huge white light above me. I felt my body being pulled towards it, then I realised I was looking down at my body. As soon as this happened I snapped back to the space. Essentially I think I experienced my soul hovering over my body. (Then she cried & I held her) Thank you. Thank you.

Anonymous beautiful young German woman @ Majik Forest Festival. 

Incredible Petra, my favourite night at The Print Rooms.

Richard Thomas - Composer & Writer

You might sense my scepticism. Not least because I was asked to don a white paper suit in order to minimise what the explanatory leaflet calls "colour pollution". Many would no doubt regard the idea of physical realignment by vibration vaguely scoffable.

And yet, it's the next morning and my legs still ache. They've got that low-level, burning stiffness that comes after exercise. The experience itself felt odd: my stomach seemed to croak; my chest to twinge. Walking home afterwards, I felt decidedly out of sorts: bloated, tingling and sweaty. As a sceptic and a practising hypochondriac, I'll willingly put it down as psychosomatic. But, if we assume that Phillipson's method works, as she must do, her intentions throw up some whopping great ethical questions.

Lyn Gardener - The Guardian

Please see full article here.

I was shaking. So hard to explain such a strong feeling/emotional reaction and experience in words...

Verena Paloma Jabs - Artist

Before the session I was feeling very anxious and overwhelmed with certain things that were happening in my life. I had an overall feeling of panic and had doubts about myself and the tasks ahead of me.

During the session I entered into a very deep relaxation, although I was very aware and awake it felt as if I my body was in a deep sleep. After the session all of the feelings mentioned before had vanished and a deep sense of calm had taken their place. Since that session, I was able to achieve the tasks and goals I had set for myself with an assured confidence. Thank you Petra, all is well!      

Melanie Henry - Nutritionist

I came to release some armouring around my throat. I've been speaking my truth more. Coming out of hiding somehow, I feel more visible. I feel more myself. I've been laughing more & last night I sang my heart out ! I'm sure its to do with the treatments. Thank you Petra for your support & general wonderfulness.

Arandhana Kur - Kundilini Yoga Teacher