Petra is a fully certified & insured Sound Healer, Shamanic Practitioner & Tutor of The College Of Sound Healing. With 26 years experience of singing from her soul. Petra has worked internationally as a professional singer, songwriter, producer & artist with her spiritual evolution shifting her into shamanic initiation & healing compositions in the last 9 years.

She has worked with SOUND AND SPACE at The Barbican, St Thomas' Hospital, The Print Room theatre, Shoreditch House, The Green Gathering, Magik Forest Festival, Avebury World Heritage Site & within her local community here in Brighton, creating space for rest, release & transformation. 

As a singer Petra has toured Europe extensively. Performances include Later with Jools Holland , Glastonbury Festival, The Royal Festival Hall, Stavanga Concert Hall, BBC Live Sessions, BBC Radio 4, with collaborations with Sixto Rodriguez, Martina Topley Bird, David Holmes, Duke Garwood, Mad Professor, Nell Catchpole, Michael Orminston, to name but a few.

She has devised music for Film & worked in London with Choreographer Hubert Essakow on an immersive theatricalisation of her last solo release titled Notes on: Death. Petra has 58 releases to date with new titles being prepared for release on her co-owned recording label Montpatry Press.

Her recent work includes experimental vocal harmonic cave recordings made in Joshua Tree, California & George Van Tesla's Integratron Dome in Landers, California. Petra thrives in the desert surrounded by space, stars & wildlife.

Petra has been selected for the Wandsworth Arts Festival producing a new immersive sound piece titled " Ascension" & has been invited to Linda Tuckers White Lion Trust to assist in recording the White Lion Raw in Timbavati, South Africa.

BA Hons Sound & Image  M.C.S.H member of Complimentary Medical Association & Sound Therapy Association.



Since my birth sound has soothed me. My mother sang to me as a baby & when she lay me down she hung a red musical bear that plinked out Debussy's perfect Claire de Lune via its musical steel teeth. Mesmerising me with its mechanical melody, in silence watching over me whilst I slept. Throughout my adult years these two things remain a fascination & medicine for me, music & bears.

Specialising in Sound & Image, I studied a Fine Art degree in Bath. Assistant to Susan Hiller.  Alone I moved to London to pursue a career in music. After 4 years of playing the London circuit & teaching myself guitar I was signed to Rondor Publishing soon to become Sony Music at the age of 27. Following on from this I signed a Solo recording contract to Herbert Gronemeyer's independent German label Groneland Records.

Whilst writing my 1st solo LP I appeared as guest vocalist for David Holmes' The Free Association, Martina Topley Bird, Marie Anne Faithful, Marc Almond, Mad Professor, Exodus 77, The Scratch Perverts, The Free Stylers, Natalie Imbruglia, Nicodemus, Duke Harwood & The Skylark & The Scorpion. With 58 various releases to date. I continue to write working on my third solo LP at present & am currently working on releasing previously unreleased recordings. Music has remained the core of my life.

I remember waking up in West Hollywood's famous Sunset Marque hotel suite after working for my young adult life to arrive at a place where I could experience what I imaged as success, feeling disillusioned. I asked myself "Is this it? Is this what I have worked towards all this time? Is this what I have made all those sacrifices for? There must be more to life? This questioning initiated huge changes for me in the next 10 years of my life.  I had arrived at a place I had been striving towards only to find I felt disconnected, unhappy & searching. This was not how I expected to feel. I excepted to feel elation, joy & complete. Back in those days I worked through this time touring Europe, playing football stadiums in Italy & being ushered from car to car, venue to venue, hotel to hotel. I soon became very ill with anxiety-based exhaustion. My Mind, Body & spirit felt as though they were broken. I experienced what I know understand to be “a crisis of the soul”.

Whilst searching for cures to my dis-ease I stumbled across the title "Sound Healing" in Psychologies magazine. Interested but sceptical I booked for a session. This experience turned out to be so complex & profound I enrolled for training at The College Of Sound Healing a few weeks later. I found that in one session the sound had cut out all of my inner chatter & I slept that night like I had never before. Subsequent experiences have radically altered the way I work, love, speak, write & live. 

Over the years I have found that SOUND AND SPACE has fundamentally alleviated my anxiety, helped ground me, unblock any suppressed emotions & induced clarity of mind. Through this 10 year submersion, using the tools of sound healing and soul retrieval, I have been brought home to my soul purpose. A SOUND SPACE is a powerful tool to ease Anxiety & induce a far more harmonic state of being. It has provided tools to support me sustain a life that is far more balanced, thoughtful & meaningful. 

As an adult I am only now beginning to understand why I can't live without music & there is far more significance to the science behind why sound calms us than anyone can scientifically understand at present. This has become my main passion researching why sound has such a powerful effect on us and exploring how this can be applied to help us in the modern world.

As a singer & writer I have performed at St Paul's Cathedral, Glastonbury, Royal Festival Hall, Scavenger Concert Hall, The Arvo Sessions Basel, Later with Jools Holland, V Festival, Green Man Festival, recording in Hollywood, New York, Paris, Joshua Tree, Italy as an internationally critically acclaimed solo artist. With a career spanning 29 years. My passion for singing, sound & music has taken me on an incredible life journey. I have always been singing from my Soul, but it has taken me many years to understand the depth of my story.

I am a fully certified & insured Sound Healer & Shamanic Practitioner. I have undergone trainings at The College of Sound Healing studying under Narayani L Guibarra for my Sound Healing training. My Shamanic Practitioner training with Simon Heather healer, author & lecturer who has spent extensive time with 1st Nations people & founded The College of Sound Healing. I have attended workshops & have worked together with Johnathan Goldman, Michael Orminston, Candida Valentino, Steven Ash , Don Caroe, Sheila Whittaker, Fabian Manan & Teres Unsoeld.

I have spent a dedicated period of time in Joshua Tree California under the teaching of Native local Charlyn. Here I underwent various initiations of spirit out there in the wilderness, fasting, sun gazed at dawn, learnt the art of Dessert Snibbling & finally came to honour my calling to dedicate my life to my spirit work.

I truly believe the we are all connected & we are all one. When you suffer I suffer. When the soul is healed we can become whole & well, but only when an individual is ready to work on themselves. When you are ready to begin the journey towards love for yourself you can truly heal. 

Mitakuye Oyasin. All my relations. We are all one. 

Petra Jean Phillipson BA Hons Sound & Image, M.C.S.H, Tutor at The College Of Sound Healing Co- founder of Brighton Sound.