TRANSFORMATIVE SOUND HEALINg immersions & teachings in 2019


courses & retreats

Spiritual Retreat & Self Learning based around the four seasons of our seasonal calendar. Realize ,release & replenish alongside Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. By raising our awareness to Mother Earths natures cycles we can learn to in harmony within our mind, body & spirit too.


ascension immersions.

Experience activation of the Devine Feminine through Sound Healing compositions made by Petra. Sounds devised to clear your energy field then recharge it with new subtle energy to assist us with moving us towards a new feminine focused era. All here immersed within our Golden Pyramid.

Full Moon over Brighton

fullmoon circle.

Gathering in circle has never been more important for us as humans. To share, listen, sing & heal. Emulating the ancients Fullmoons are potent times to come together. Harness the energy of our Full Moon gatherings offering prayer & healing to ourselves, the land & the water.