Immersive Sound Healing music for humanity

"Sound and Space. At the very least it is deeply relaxing,  at the most it is life-changing." 

Shanthi Perceval Govender - Mother

 I experienced what I thought was a huge white light above me. I felt my body being pulled towards it, then I realized I was looking down at my body. As soon as this happened I snapped back to the space. Essentially I think I experienced my soul hovering over my body. (Then she cried & I held her) Thank you. Thank you.

Anonymous woman - Majik Forest

Petra's deep love and calling to offer sound healing is truly wonderful. She creates and holds a beautiful space in which you can connect deeply within. I loved the Winter Solstice sound experience.

Chrissy Martin - Florence House

Sound and Space is the vision of  Petra Jean Phillipson Singer Songwriter, Sound Healer & composer for Oscar Nominated Film "Barrage". Filmed as Kasabians Priestess in "Bless this acid house" Petra has 58 releases to date, with performances at Glastonbury, Jools Holland, St Paul's Cathedral and Stavanga Concert Hall. Including musical collaborations with Michael Orminston, Sixto Rodriguez, David Holmes, Nel Catchpole, Martina Topley Bird and Duke Garwood. 

As a Shamanic Sound Healer she uses sound and space for positive health benefits. Recently working at Florence House, St Mary's Church Putney, St Thomas' Hospital, Shoreditch House and The Barbican, Petra is pioneering Brighton's first dedicated space for Sound Healing providing affordable workshops, group meetings, sound meditation classes & is dedicated to walking gentily on this Earth.