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  • Upstairs @ SIX/42 JUICE 102-106 Western Road Brighton, England, BN1 2AA United Kingdom (map)

Never has there been a more important time in our human history to take care of yourself. Clear yourself of anything that is no longer serving you & GROUND into the earth to be strong for the year ahead. There is much chaos & anger flying around so it's even more important to GROUND and keep your heart open. If we are rooted with strength in love from where we stand it will be easier for us to navigate negativity & fear.

I truly believe SOUND is a powerful tool to ease our suffering & take us out of our minds & into our bodies this will be our focus for this months popup. WE are all opening up our new potential. New paradigm thinking. The time is now !

Join us in our exciting NEW SPACE. Fresh juices will be available before or after the session.

A monthly POPUP evening to explore the power of using colour alongside sound to balance our Chakras. Mongolian Chakra Balance will be played with coloured lighting to run alongside sound from red up the Chakra system to indigo at the crown completing our cycle on red. Not to be missed.

Through SOUND and COLOUR we can transform !

£12 booking. Let the light flood in. Love to all. 💓

Please book in advance.