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Shruti Done Meditation Class

These group sessions are based on singing participation led by Petra. Accompanied by a shruti box we focus on the power & simplicity of the drone to quiet the mind & clear the chakras. Simple natural scale chants are sung in unison with our attention on each individual chakra encouraging release of any emotional blockages & fine-tuning our energy system. Understanding that the Chakra system is infinitely complex we simplify our class by focusing of 7 main Chakra points. Singing through using a normal scale daily with a weekly focus on 1 Chakra in particular every Friday. This is the perfect compliment to any meditation or yoga class & is a very powerful experience.

This weekly class held in Hove is powerful clearing tool to begin your day with a clear mind.

energy exchange of £10 most appreciated. 
please book in advance to secure your space.


Earlier Event: January 17
Later Event: February 15
No Classes due to Holiday