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Yuwipi Ceremony - healing between humans and the spirit world.

  • Sound and Space 62 Lansdowne Place Hove, England, BN3 United Kingdom (map)

Yuwipi Ceremony

In honour of my teachers, spirit guides, all Lakota peoples & the Earth I will offering prayers & drumming this evening in support of this fine day. All power to you my dear ones. 

I was sent this by my teacher today. 

Today, September the 11th at sundown, there is to be a grand Yuwipi ceremony (see description below) to honour the circle of Life and the sacredness of all Creation. Thousands of native and non-native peoples came together in South Dakota for The Black Hills Unity Concert in 2014, 2015, 2016 and also over the past two days in September 2017. These powerful gatherings were held in the name of cultural reconciliation and environmental restoration.

Tonight a sacred Yuwipi will be held by the Lakota elders and Medicine Men from many tribes across the US. The aim of this gathering is to bring healing between humans and the spirit world.

If you feel called, please light a candle and send your support and prayers for Earth healing to the Lakota territory at sundown tonight.

*Among the Lakota, the shaking tent ceremony is called a yuwipi. The healer is tied up with ropes or leather thongs and a special blanket/star quilt while praying for the healing of a specific person or persons. The term yuwipi is usually derived from the Lakota verb form they wrap him up. The healer is called a yuwipi man, who gives away a piece of his life every time he performs the exhausting ceremony, in order to serve the people and the Earth.

The yuwipi man mediates between the people and the spirit world. He is a wakan, a sacred person, who is not only a healer, but whose counsel is sought for family and business matters. He understands the languages of all creatures and can communicate directly with the spirits, who tell him how a patient's sickness may be cured. 

The Lakota distinguish between white sickness, which can be cured by biomedical intervention, and Indian sickness, which is the result of disharmony between humans and the spirit world. The yuwipi man is the soul healer of Indian sickness.