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Brighton Yoga Festival 2018 - Chanting Concert - FREE EVENT

  • Sussex Country Cricket Ground BN (map)

FREE FESTIVAL  Brighton Yoga Festival. Sussex Cricket. Music Bell tent 11.30  1.30

11.30  12.30  Spirit Singing - Channelled healing vibrations.

12.30  1.30 Singing through the Chakras with Bija mantras.


Ground Join us this year at Brighton Yoga Festival a wonderful 2 day festival of all things yoga. We will be singing through the Chakras. A powerful practice alone, an ancient art & practiced together with Yoga movements (Asanas) will take you deeper into your practice.

The vibration on Bija Mantras & Seed Sounds has been used as part of yoga practice. for thousands of years. Even a simple tone following a western natural scale will energize & expand your Nadis ( energy wheels ) helping in the removal of blockages.