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Rebirthing into Spring with the Glastonbury's Goddess of the White Spring

  • The White Spring Well House Lane Glastonbury BA6 8BL uk (map)

We are currently at a point in history of great change according to all historians, mystics & scientists. This change is the move from Patriarchy into a new Matri-focal society, where life is leading towards a more nurturing & heart-led approach to being & existing.

Evolving over 47 years my work as a poet, performer, artist and now Shamanic Sound Healer, has led me towards a life focussing on inclusion, love & forgiveness. The workshops we are developing with Sound and Space are working to support you in your awakening, clearing & empowerment. A movement towards love, exceptance of your self & the pure vibration of sound offered to facilitate this move within you.

Along my journey I am finding we need to return to the idea of our Womb/Hara/Sacral/Joni spaces as sacred. We need deep healing in this area resolving the wounded feminine so we can rise into our full power for the next 7 generations to come.

Much of my healing journey & work have been closely aligned with healing waters, sacred sites & holy Springs. Clearing the stuck energy within the land & channelling new energy in the form of sound, raising th vibration to align with the New Divine Feminine.

It is time for us to clear & rise into our higher light bodied selves.

Last October I was instructed to journey to Glastonbury to receive energies that would propel my Journey & Healing.

Trusting my guides I landed here at the foot of the Glastonbury Tour, entering the cave like temple & partaking in the waters gushing from the White Spring. It felt although I was literally entering into the vulva of the Goddess.

”It is one of the greatest mysteries of the Isle of Avalon that two different healing springs, one touched red with iron, the other white with calcite, should rise within a few feet of each other from the caverns beneath Glastonbury Tor. Both have healing in their flow.”

I was utterly enchanted & received very deep wisdom from the goddess that continued over the weeks & months. By visiting the spring & continuing the energy transmission by drinking the waters collected for days afterwards I experienced indescribable profundity of transition. This experience expanded my conciseness & reaffirmed to me my po'wa in my role as Healer, Shaman & Earth Keeper.

Delving deeply into the White Spring Energies we will evoke & honour the engagement of St Bride & the Faire King residing here. Making offerings in form of candles, intense & sound before asking for healing.

I have been guided to share this experience with you Rebirthing into Spring with the heart of Avalon’s Goddess energy from the White Spring.

Offering weekend workshop including

- Basic Ashram accommodation for 1 night.

- Morning puja ( chanting worship ) at our retreat accommodation.

- vegan breakfast.

- Private visit & optional immersion in the White Spring.

- Entrance to the Chalice Well Gardens. ( please bring a vegan gluten free dish to share for lunch )

- All sound healing & guided mediations.

- Travel in shared car to & from Glastonbury.

- Opportunity to gather this sacred Spring Waters.

- Extra options Saturday Night - Sauna £7 & dinner in the ashram £9

2 day workshop exchange - £200 ( This price is based on 5 sharing accommodation in the Cabin. single occupancy options available at extra cost)

We have very limited space at this price so if you are called please commit to the full amount asap & contact me for these details.

Exceeding our accommodation space there is other optional accommodation near by so it is possible for you join us for the water blessings & rebirthing.

I truly do believe we are all one. We all expel & inhale water with each breath, water has a memory, we all share this memory & its time to shed the grief of the Earth & get super charged for our journeys forwards with positivity & true feminine po'wa.

Shared with a blessing of a loving transformation to all. x

The White Spring

Our Ashram Accommodation