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  • Stanford Avenue Methodist Church UK (map)

BOOK HERE Investment £15

7.30 - 9.00pm Stanford Avenue Methodist Church,BN1 6FD.

********Please please bring a yoga mat, blanket & cushions or something to lay upon. *********

This is a Bank Holiday Special in a new beautiful, light, bright space just up the road form our usual spot. We have strong family & community ties here, so you can expect decades of deep relation to the space & the energy built up here over the years of community. Its also beautifully bright & light so bring your eye pillows, I’ll have some on sale too.

We are thrilled to be here & we'll have more time to share, have a drink & a snack afterwards. So a real social occasion. Also there is unlimited space so please tell all your friends.

After the intensity of the Scorpio Fullmoon we'll be focusing on allowing & release. Scorpio can bring a lot of shadow to the surface so be gentile with yourself & allow the sound to clear it for for you. No need to attach to it.

Please care for your neighbours - they may be depressed, you never know a smile or a cup of tea may be saving someones life.
Or better still bring them to the sound Bath.

Bath meaning to be bathed in high vibrational healing sounds sung & played by myself & Matthew. We will be accompanied by sings bowl, Shruti box, hoop drum, tuning fork, Creation Earth gong, Uranus Gong & our most direct connection to the mysterious divine, our voices.

Our sessions will be opened & closed in humble ceremony.

Please arrive on time.

Pls book below to ensure your space.

So much love 💓

Street paid parking - free after 8pm