Our Mission

Our passion is SOUND & it's ability to transform lives. By engaging people through cross arts disciplines we aim to establish SOUND as an effective tool in the reduction of stress related illness. SOUND AND SPACE aims to offer an affordable alternative therapy available to all. A Space where we can rest, realise & release.

Our specialism is the use of  the Voice within Sound Healing. Here in SOUND AND SPACE we have organised workshops & treatments into the headings of Interval Healing, Drone Meditation, Shamanic Journey & Sacred Chant. Some of the sessions involve active participation whilst others are passive, a space where we listen.

Alongside the power of SOUND we are committed to exploring the significance of SPACE & its influence on our physical well-being. Melissa Trimingham's work in this area of study has strongly influenced SOUND AND SPACE. You can find her paper here.  'Haptic Effect in Autism' by Melissa Trimingham

We believe a fully immersive sound healing experience can have a powerful positive effect on our physical, psychological, emotional & spiritual health.  Our aim is to share these tools as widely as possible.

We are interested in the use of Sound Meditations to aid in all creative processes.

We are dedicated to walking gently on the earth.

Through SOUND we can transform.