Stepping into the Sound Space was like entering another universe, one where time is stretched, there is space for all of you and all things are fundamentally good.  What a beautiful piece of music and atmosphere you created there. - ALICE HOLMBERG - FELLOW ROYAL SOCIETY OF THE ARTS

Sound and Space is a mobile & flexible soft structure that is easily adaptable to any space, public or private. Individuals are invited to rest within the space & listen to original Sound Healing compositions devised by Petra, including The Mongolian Chakra BalanceThe Angelic Scale & Cave recordings.  These compositions are variations of Musical Interval Treatments designed to offer deep relaxation in a safe & supported environment.

The Beautiful orchestral sound event you were holding. It truly was an honour and took me a while to recover from it afterwards ( like a literal star struck) So sacred, so divine, so tangible.  I’ve never experienced the sounds of heaven and earth quite like that before. - I was delightfully and blissfully bewildered and in awe; My mind needed to feel and be in this pure state/ space of being and it surrendered accordingly. Thank you guys so so much. Namaste and Peace. - SARAH SHIP - Personnel.

 The focus with our POPUP space is to create Sound Healing Spaces in any environment. We can adapt & transform your lounge, office, yoga centre, hospital, community, gallery, field, garden, festival, business, institution or charity. POPUP is exactly what it says. If you can't get to us we can come to you.

Over the last 4 years Petra has worked with A SOUND SPACE at Wandsworth Arts Festival, The Barbican, Avebury World Heritage Sacred Site, St Thomas' Hospital, Sundara Yoga Festival, The Print Room Theatre, Shoreditch House, Bec's Place, The Green Gathering, Majik Forest Festival & Rose's Lounge. Creating space for rest, release & transformation. Petra has been offered development support by The Barbican Art Center, Anda Winters at The Print Room@The Coronet, The College of Sound Healing & Wandsworth Arts Council. 

Incredible Petra, my favourite night at The Print Rooms. - RICHARD THOMAS - Composer & Writer of Jerry Springer.