Lions Gate Rose Tincture


Lions Gate Rose Tincture


Lions Gate Rose Tincture containing over 10,000 sacred water sources collected on the eve of the opening of the Lions Gate Star portal in Palmeria Square Hove.

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Lions Gate Rose Tincture story.

On the 8.8.8 2016 I was guided to call together a group of powerful & gifted women to participate in the activation of this once sacred burial site now called Palmira Square in Hove. 

Collectively we opened up, reactivated & charged the megalithic site in sound & in heart song guided by the ancients & the stars. This being reputed as a powerful time for listening to guidance & making your ROAR heard.

Having used Rose Tincture for 5 years both in my practice & personally it has been an honour to witness the opening, vibration raising & heart healing. I wanted to mark this LION'S GATE gathering occasion by collecting roses in situ & infusing them in brandy, harnessing the energy of this sacred activation. Captured here within the alchemy of the Brandy & these precious huge white roses.

This tincture is powerful for activating your hearts path & the power to use your voice without restraint or fear.

Rose tincture has long been used to alleviate depression, ease fluid retention, cure colds, aid fertility, not forgetting anointing highly evolved beings in ceremony. Packed with vitamins A,B,C and is great as a general tonic & mood enhancer. My powerful connection with the spirit of Rose lies within the vibrational tonic that is Rose. The highest of vibration of all aromas I consistently use it for a tonic for an aching heart & she is most definitely my most powerful ally.

All power to you. Mitakuye Oyasin - All my Relations - We are one.