Creating Spaces for well-being Project - May 2014.

'Me time' 

As part of Creating Spaces for Well-being Project, A SOUND SPACE presented the 1st in a programme of 4 interventions organised by resident Artist Barby Asante. Held in St Thomas' Hospital Elderly Care Department we provided a space for a sound intervention within a programme on the theme of senses.

By introducing interventions within the working day for staff we hoped to provide time to replenish, rest & heal for a moment within their hectic schedules & intense work loads.

This space proved a very positive experience for the staff we encountered. We had some great feedback on the day with people being thrilled to find a space for them within the work place. One woman was so happy to have the option of a physical rest in her day she rolled the full length of the tent in giggling glee singing "Is this really for us? "

A physiological report on the impact of the interventions will be produced following the completion of the weekly intervention over 1 month.