Pitt Lab @ the Barbican

With the Barbican hosting the British Neuroscience Association Symposium in 2014 I was invited by Emma Ridgeway of Creative Learning to brainstorm interactive ways to present the British Neuroscience Association's yearly research findings.

The Barbican's Pitt Theatre was made available for us as laboratory time for explorations of new ideas. Here we continued developing our interest in immersive sound experiences employing the notion of sound that could potentially heal. 

Encouraging a rapidly growing interest in the relationship between art & science we chanted, droned & recorded new ideas to be presented after a week of workshopping.

With a wonderful team of Sound Healers, singers & musicians we worked extensively with the drone & musical intervals in a natural scale, devising several new tracks to be worked on further at a later date.

Within this process many new ideas emerged, one of which is a futuristic approach to opera, a Pod Operetta endorsed by Grange Park Opera.

Images by Camilla Green.